Starting a podcast is hard. Keeping a podcast going is even harder. 

If you want a podcast that will help grow revenue for your business, position you as a leader in your industry and help you cut through the noise of social media to grow a loyal audience of raving fans - you're in the right place. 

You need a mentor in the podcast industry that's not only hosted a top ranking podcast, but worked in every facet of production, sponsorships, booking, digital marketing and promotions and I can't wait to help your podcast succeed. 


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Podcast Coaching that empowers your business and life

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When I started producing my first podcast in 2021 it changed my life. People sometimes say that phrase too casually but it changed my  life. The truth is, I want podcasting to change your life. There is no easier way to build a community, share your story, connect with an audience and become an expert or leader in your industry than through a podcast. All that being said, you have to do it right. You don't have to have the fanciest microphone or camera or headphones, but what you do need is a strategy. You need to know what's going to work, what's not and what's next. 

grow your podcast
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I promise to share with you everything that I have learned in podcasting, to guide you, support you, strategize with you, and push you out of your comfort zone. 

For podcasters who have a fully developed podcast and marketing plan but have just a few burning questions, we'll be able to refine your strategy and get you to the next level of podcasting success. 

For those who are looking to fully reposition their podcast or make the first leap into podcasting, we will take a deep dive into your goals and dreams and then create a comprehensive road map to success that includes:

  • Full podcast audit and listener profile to attract your dream audience 
  • Creating strategies for advertising, partnerships, and  strategy for scaling episodes to earn multiple 4-figures for every episode
  • Positioning yourself as an expert in your industry
  • Identifying key strengths and growth opportunities
  • Targeted media marketing and brand strategy

As your coach, I'm here to give you the tools and guidance I wish I'd had when I started podcasting. 

The Coaching Experience

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When I started working with Morgan

I had no idea what a podcast could provide for my business, network or personal growth. Now, over 250 episodes and 2 podcasts later, I can confidently say creating my podcasts has been the most impactful marketing dollars I’ve ever spent and has helped me get in front of the industry leaders and investors that are taking my business to the next level. With Morgan’s help I’ve been able to build a platform and professional network where I’m a trusted voice in my industry and I have more options to expand than ever before.


Host of Better Together with Kosta Yepifantsev

CEO of Home Caregivers


Coaching can be booked individually or in 3, and 12 hour packages for the best value.

1 Hour
coaching session

3 Hour
coaching Plan

Perfect for podcast concept development and strategy. 

Ideal for an existing podcast audit and growth strategy. 

12 Hours
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A full year of podcast coaching and strategic development. 


Before we started our podcast

with Morgan we constantly struggled with trying to turn followers from social media into real life customers. It was an endless cycle of posting, waiting and getting no results. As an educator and mentor I needed a way to share my message on a larger scale and not depend on social media to do all the work, because it wasn’t working. Using our podcast as our primary marketing strategy for new students we’ve been able to double our team and have new students every enrollment period that are pursuing us instead of the other way around.

Tracey Franklin

Host of The Aspiring Stylist with Tracey Franklin

CEO of  Aspire Barber and Beauty Academy

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