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It's nice to (virtually) meet you! 😀 My name is Morgan Franklin, I'm the Host and Producer of Podcasts for Profit, Founder of Morgan Franklin Media and person who's going to talk you into starting a podcast (well, hopefully). If you're ready to start, grow and monetize a podcast you're in the right place. 

Hi! I'm Morgan.

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All the hard work is done and now we're ready to really watch this baby fly! Growing your podcast and watching it turn into the community it becomes is the most exciting part.

grow and start making money

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Want to know EXACTLY how to do this thing and with what programs? Don't worry, I've got you covered. Here are my personal recommendations on all things Podcasting and what I use to get the job done.

software and production

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Whether you need one microphone to plug into your computer or a full studio for four guests, we've got you covered! When I started podcasting equipment felt like the scariest part. This is the equipment guide I wish I'd had when I started.

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Podcast Hosting 

email hosting

Legal Podcast protection

Website hosting

virtual podcast recording

First thing's first, your podcast needs a home. I host all my podcast on Transistor.  Having a reliable podcast host is EVERYTHING. Try Transistor for 14-days free! 

Starting a dedicated email list for my podcast has been the best thing I've done to grow downloads and stay up-to-date with my podcast community. Try ConvertKit for your email list! 

If you want to actually be able to sleep at night without the fear a guest is going to call and say they want their podcast episode taken down, you need a Podcast Guest Agreement - and while you're at it go ahead and get the Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions for your website.  Use Code: MORGAN10 at checkout for 10% off. 

Do you love this website? Thanks I made it myself! Am I a website designer? LOL no. But I probably fooled you! If you want to have a stunning website that people won't believe you made yourself you need to ditch SquareSpace and come to Showit. Get a free month of Showit here! 

Embarrassing story - my first virtual podcast I had to re-record 3 TIMES because the virtual recording program I picked was total garbage. Don't make the same mistake as me, use Riverside from the beginning. Riverside is the top of the line when it comes to video podcast recording. Try Riverside, today!

Please Note: Morgan Franklin Media is an affiliate of Transistor.FM, ConvertKit, The Boutique Lawyer, Showit and Riverside. By subscribing to these respective services or purchasing from these links Morgan Franklin Media may make a commission at no cost to you. We appreciate you using these links and supporting us and our partners. Integrity and genuine recommendations is our first priority and we will never recommend something to our community that wasn't tested and/or purchased first by the Morgan Franklin Media team. 







Podcast Templates

Shop the exact templates I've created for podcaster across the world. Whether you're just getting started, growing your podcast or trying to monetize, these templates are for all podcasters. 


"When I started working with Morgan I had no idea what a podcast could provide for my business, network or personal growth. Now, over 250 episodes and 2 podcasts later, I can confidently say creating my podcasts has been the most impactful marketing dollars I’ve ever spent and has helped me get in front of the industry leaders and investors that are taking my business to the next level. With Morgan’s help I’ve been able to build a platform and professional network where I’m a trusted voice in my industry and I have more options to expand than ever before."

Kosta y.


Tracey f.

"Before we started our podcast with Morgan we constantly struggled with trying to turn followers from social media into real life customers. It was an endless cycle of posting, waiting and getting no results. As an educator and mentor I needed a way to share my message on a larger scale and not depend on social media to do all the work, because it wasn’t working. Using our podcast as our primary marketing strategy for new students we’ve been able to double our team and have new students every enrollment period that are pursuing us instead of the other way around."


Raela g.

"The idea of starting a podcast seems like such an undertaking, but Morgan explains everything in a way that I can understand it, even as a beginner. I didn’t know how a podcast could work for my business, but it’s like there’s a whole new avenue to digital marketing for small businesses."


Sabrina b.

“Morgan’s expertise surrounding all things Podcasting is completely invaluable to all Podcasters, whether they be new to the game or seasoned professionals. Her savviness and wealth of indispensable knowledge is truly a treasure."



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Whether you're thinking about starting a podcast, you have 10 ideas ready to hit publish or you're 100 episodes in - Podcasts for Profit is for podcasters, business owners and executives who want to use their podcast to make money and grow their audience. New episodes every Monday!

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